Franz Petter Schmidt is a men’s tailor and textile artist based in Oslo, Norway.


Sjølingstad Woollen Mill 2013
Photo: Ida Falck Øien

In his practice, Franz connects experience in both hand weaving and industrial textile production with a longstanding interest in history and material culture. Franz is concerned with both the concept of quality, and with exploring questions of tradition and cultural heritage.

His explorations are intuitive and emotionally charged – often based on studies of archival material from manufacturing companies and museum collections. Methods of approach include reconstructions of historical textiles, along with explorations of places and objects associated with textile history.

During his research project Weaving Fabrics for Suits at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, he explored the history of the Norwegian textile industry, with a particular focus on the production of fabrics for clothing. Franz’s unique position in the textile field comes from his extensive experience in production, combined with a sensitive and nuanced artistic approach.


Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art 2016
Photo: Anne-Line Bakken